Lake Istokpoga Management Information

Detail :

The FWC Invasive Plant Management Section, in cooperation with FWC Communications and FWC Media Services, will be filming on Lake Istokpoga next week to document floating plant populations. We will follow a floating plant treatment through all phases to illustrate to stakeholders that while spatterdock is initially injured by diquat use on water lettuce and water hyacinth, spatterdock exhibits full regrowth within 14 to 35 days depending on environmental conditions (based on previous research). 

Beginning MON July 8, we will gather some initial habitat footage with one boat.

TUES July 9 we will have three FWC boats transporting film crews, on-video biologists, and a contracted drone pilot. We will shoot pre-treatment footage as well as Highlands Co. IPC crews physically treating.

FRI July 12 (3 DAT), MON July 15 (6DAT), MON July 22 (13 DAT), and potentially a further date if needed we will film with one boat all phases of water lettuce reduction and spatterdock recovery.