Frequently Asked Questions

Does Highlands County have a way to recycle Glass? YES. All colors (clear, brown, and green/amber) of glass food and drink containers. No Pyrex baking ware, plates, drinking glasses, window panes and mirrors are accepted.

What about pottery and other types of glass? NO. Pottery along with vehicle windshields and the other glass listed above that are not accepted, causes a contamination factor and should be discarded by other means.

Should the containers be rinsed? YES. Please rinse the container and recycle all metal lids with the steel and aluminum cans. Discard all other types of lids such as bottle caps or corks.

What about labels? Labels may be left on the food or drink containers.

What types of plastic can I recycle? The Highlands County Recycling program accepts plastic bottles only. When you purchase something that is containerized in plastic bottles it may be recycled, such as: milk, water, soda/soft drink and juice bottles; detergent, bleach or cleaning solvents, condiment plastic bottles (mustard, ketchup, jelly).

Can I recycle plastic bags or Styrofoam (polystyrene)? NO. These items should be recycled at your local grocery store. 

Can paper grocery bags be recycled? YES.  Paper grocery bags can be recycled with cardboard at your local County Drop-off locations.

Do all advertisement inserts have to be removed before I recycle newspaper? NO. As long as the inserts come in the newspapers.

Can magazines or catalogs be recycled? YES.  Effective early November 2007 Magazines can be deposited in the green containers marked "paper only".

Can cardboard and Phone Books be recycled? YES.  Cardboard and Phone Books shoud be deposited in the large white containers marked for those items.  Flatten all cardboard including paperboard such as cracker boxes, pasta boxes, snack boxes, etc. 

Can I also recycle office paper and junk mail? YES. No plastic window envelops please.

What about phone book recycling? Highlands County has a special phone book recycling project during mid November and December of each year. However phone books can be recycled year round with other recyclable materials.

What about steel can recycling? Steel cans such as vegetable, soup, various food and coffee cans may be recycled with other items.

Can I recycle aerosol cans? YES. As long as the cans are completely empty of contents and the plastic spray nozzle removed.

Some final recycling tips: Please rinse all plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans when emptied and before you recycle them. Rinsing helps to control roaches in your home and in the recycling containers.  As you recycle, you are not only helping the environment by reducing the use of our natural resources, and saving valuable landfill space.