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The Preserve at Sun 'N Lake


The Highlands County Preserve located adjacent to the Sun ‘N Lake Improvement District is a 1,350 acre natural area managed for wildlife habitat and non-motorized vehicle recreation. Follow Sun ‘N Lake Blvd until it dead ends into Balboa Blvd. The main trail head is located at Sun ‘N Lake Blvd and Balboa Blvd although several of the gates also have walk-throughs allowing human and bicycle traffic. Passive recreation includes fishing, hiking, bird watching, wildlife/wildland photography and off-road biking. The Preserve has been included in The Great Florida Birding Trail brochure. In order to maintain wildlife habitat management practices including controlled burning, selective timber harvesting, chemical and mechanical treatment of exotic vegetation, the removal of feral hogs, and trail management occur periodically.

Recent additions to the Preserve include 5 park benches, 3 fishing platforms, a second trash receptacle, and plant ID signs along the beginning of the trail. We hope to expand these amenities in the future. We are working with the Florida Trails Association and a local bike club to make the trails more hiker friendly. There is a kiosk located at the main parking area with information about the Preserve and brochures which include trail maps. If you have any suggestions, comments, additions to our species list (NEW), recent sightings (plant or animal) concerning the Preserve please email



Gary Carr  

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