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Lake Jackson Update


lake jackson sunsetA town-hall style meeting was held at the Jack Stroup Civic Center on September 17, 2012. The meeting was organized by Representative Denise Grimsley.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring water resource managers, elected officials, and the public together to discuss and strategize over the persistent low water levels in Lake Jackson. Several agencies responsible for water resources management on Lake Jackson were present including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Highlands County Parks and Natural Resources.  Presentations included a brief history of changes to Lake Jackson, Minimum Guidance Levels for Lake Jackson/ Little Jackson, and the results of the Jackson/Little Jackson Watershed Recovery Evaluation.  Elected officials and members of the public had the opportunity to ask questions relative to Lake Jackson of the agency representatives present.  Commissioner Don Elwell facilitated the meeting which began at 6 p.m.  Meeting minutes, action items and their current status will be available through the links below.



     Current Lake Level as of September 24, 2014, 103.10 feet above sea level.

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