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Memo 19-1, Initial Document Announcements

Memo 19-2, Command and Control Charts

Memo 19-3, Radio Titles

Memo 19-4, Florida Hospital Name Change

Memo 19-5, Paid Command Staff and Firefighter Assignments

Memo 19-6, Lorida Volunteer Fire Department, Chief

Memo 19-7, Rehab Support Unit

Memo 19-8, Staffing, Warehousing, and Organizational Details

Memo 19-9, Operational Dispatch Changes, Designations, Battalion 1, Battalion 2, and the ODO

Memo 19-10, Acting Field Training Officer

Memo 19-11, General Order 2-1 Revisions

Memo 19-12, Highlands County Fair

Memo 19-13, Annual 12 Hours of Sebring Race Event